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Thu Sep 22 17:30:05 UTC 2005


I am installing "Hoary" on my Computer at home in a
few weeks when I return home to Florida. I have no
previous experience with Linux so I will probably have
a question or two from time to time. Also, I'm just an
average desktop user, not a techie or anything
resembling one.

Regarding scanners and printers I see on one of the
ubantu pages a list of certains products some of which
it states "work right out of the box". However, there
are only a few. It's about the same with the printers.
What I'd like to know is if there are any more than
what is listed there, that "work right out of the box"
without me having to to hunt around for drivers and
the like. I'd just like to get the system up and
running and have an internet connection and a printer
and a scanner working before I even as much as attempt
to download anything or start exploring this brand new
world. I also have a copy of "Breazy" on disk if there
are more options on that I'd like to know that also.
Thank you in advance! ... Martin 


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