suggestions for breezy

Br. Jakob Rohrer jakob at
Thu Sep 22 10:30:42 BST 2005

I just installed hoary here and out of this have to suggestions for

a) proxy
   My first try of installation was inside my network, where http is only
   possible via a squid-proxy.
   Guess, it wouldn't be difficult to ask the user during install for
   a necessary proxy.
   After first installation I just do
   export http_proxy=http://proxy:3128
   and it works fine

   I'ld like to install my whole system with RAID (including boot).
   Guess, I'm not the only one. Maybe you manage to make this a bit easier
   to install.

Maybe ... all this is already available with breezy? I didn't try.

Thx for very good distribution!

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