Derek Broughton news at
Wed Sep 21 17:28:20 UTC 2005

The NetworkManager home page at says it's distribution an UI
agnostic, but clearly the version shipping with Ubuntu is heavily tied to

Is there a plan to produce a KDE-based version?  

Is anybody using the current Ubuntu package with KDE?  It's all very nice
that NM thinks it can establish my connections without interference from
me, but there must be basic configuration _somewhere_ and I can't figure a
way to give it anything but a WEP key (when I want WPA - but it might
actually be asking for WEP/WPA).  

While there's a button for "Help", it's grayed and there doesn't appear to
be any help in the package - or an associated help package.  I don't see
any at the NM home page either.

How, if at all, does NM tie into /etc/network/interfaces?  If it doesn't,
how do you tell it to do any of the things I would do with ifup, like reset
my firewall rules, get the NTP time, and run my mail queue?

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