Resize XP partition for more Ubuntu space

Rogelio Nodal rnodal at
Tue Sep 20 17:19:40 UTC 2005

Charles Malespin wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-09-20 at 10:59 +0100, Thomas Beckett wrote:
>>As others have pointed out - its easy enough to resize your NTFS
>>partition and extend your ubuntu partion into the free space. Your
>>ubuntu partition is sda5 so it is a logical partition anyway. When you
>>resize your NTFS partition smaller, you will then need to resize the
>>extended partition to fill the space and then the sda5 to fillthe new
>>space inside the extended area.
>>The next point would be that I personally would never have my root
>>partition so big. why do you need so much space for your root
>>partition. If it is to store for example music and video files or
>>anything else that isnt part of the system then id recommend creating
>>another partition in the free space instead and putting them in there.
>>You can then mount this partition in /home/data or wherever else you
>>want (/mnt/data for system wide use for example). That way - if you
>>ever have a problem and your root partition is corrupted, you can
>>reinstall Ubuntu and your files will still be there in the other
>>partition, its also wise to have your /home directory in a seperate
>>partition for the same reason, but moving it once you have it on the
>>root partition is a little more involved so ask again if you want help
>>with that.
>Hi all thanks for the help so far.  One last question...  So I currently
>have my windows NTFS partition mounted so that I can access music etc.
>from there.  Do I need to run "sudo umount /mnt/windows"  to unmount the
>partition before I can use qtparted on it and resize it?  At this point
>I am very fed up with windows so I am indifferent if I lose some data on
>that side.  But my linux side will be ok because Im not doing anything
>except adding more space to it right?  Thanks, 
It should be ok. One thing I know is that if you add a new partition you 
will have to re-configure the boot-loader.

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