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Zach uid000 at
Mon Sep 19 12:12:36 UTC 2005

Assuming you want to know how to adjust screen brightness on your
laptop which runs Ubuntu, this may well be an Ubuntu question.

On some laptops such as mine, a sony vaio, things like screen
brightness and other Fn keys are controlled through software and as
such require a special driver and utility.  For the sony vaios, the
utility is called spicctrl.  For example, on my laptop, once the
driver and utility is installed can enter the command spicctrl -b 120
to lower the brightness to 50%.  I can add appropriate apicctrl to
acpi scripts so that the screen is dimmed when I unplug A/C power and
brightened when I plug A/C power back in.  If you have a sony, search
in synaptic for sony, and also search for spicctrl.  For more info try
searching google for Sony Programmable I/O, spicctrl, "spicctrl
ubuntu".  Also search the forums for these things.

Other laptops control this purely in hardware.  The Dell inspiron 8200
I used to have was like this.  Screen brightness was entirely
operating system independent, which for me was preferable.  For
example, you could boot up off a dos disk and still control screen
brightness.  The options (as far as A/C vs battery, etc) were
configured in the BIOS.

Aside from Sony, and the Dell mentioned above, I don't know how other
machines work, but these are two examples.

Hope this helps.

Zach C.

On 9/18/05, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
> Dario Meloni wrote:
> > Is possibile to change the screen luminosity on a laptop computer ?
> >
> Yes, but it's not an ubuntu question, and it's dependent on your laptop.
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> derek
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