Thunderbird account settings

Pete Hunt lists at
Sat Sep 17 21:01:29 UTC 2005

Marc wrote:
> Hello all. I am trying to setup Thunderbird on Unbuntu. I have managed
> to port my mail , address book and settings from my Windoze
> Thunderbird. However, when i go to Edit>Account Settings Thunderbird
> closes. 

I assume you've you tried uninstalling all extensions, closing 
thunderbird and then restarting it?

I tried to research on why this is happening, but could not
> find anything.
> If someone could point me in the right direction or let me know what
> is going wrong i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Well, the following worked for me, your mileage may of course vary. 
This was done a year or more ago, using an older version of thunderbird.

I installed thunderbird in Ubuntu and ran it, creating profile folders 
etc, then shut it down and copied my thunderbird profile directory from 
windows directly into ~/.mozilla-thunderbird.  It started fine, though I 
had to reload all my extensions.  The hoary enigmail extension caused me 
some grief (crashed upon encountering a gpg signed mail), but unloading 
that and using the one from Mozilla solved the problem.



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