Removing tg3 and using bcm5700 instead in Breezy

John DeCarlo johndecarlo at
Fri Sep 16 18:01:05 UTC 2005


I have compiled and installed (make, make install, modprobe) the bcm5700 
driver, but I can't figure out how to get rid of the tg3 driver.

Even getting rid of the .../net/tg3.ko files didn't work (which is what I 
did in Hoary, if memory serves)

I've searched and googled but can't find an answer.

Oh, and I *can* do a sudo rmmod tg3 after booting, but that makes my eth0 
stop working. 

I have an alias eth0 bcm5700 in the aliases file, but it doesn't seem to 

How can I make eth0 use bcm5700 instead of tg3?


John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own
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