Excellent HW compatibility w/ 5.10

Lionel lionelv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 23:41:18 UTC 2005

Lionel wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>> Probably.  I was so dissapointed in 10.x that I vowed to try
>> something else the next time around.  None of the issues
>> mentioned in my previous post occurred with 9.x.  Addiontally,
>> suspend/resume and USB both worked fine under 9.x and didn't
>> under 10.x.  I was afraid the trend would continue.
> I must have been lucky so far because all of the 10.x series has been 
> great for me besides bloody package dependencies, until 2005LE I 
> couldn't get a number of applications to install like mono-develop. Mind 
> you I had to compile mplayer from source which was less than desirable, 
> but it worked out ok after installing a few additional packages.

I should have said I had to compile mplayer from source for Kubuntu!

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