[Breezy] Mozilla-Mplayer Broken?

afmdg afmdg at yahoo.fr
Thu Sep 15 21:05:56 UTC 2005

David M. Carney a écrit :

>Mozilla-Mplayer doesn't seem to work here.
>When I try to view video, say from CNN, I get the Mplayer screen, but
>then no video and the same half second or so of audio keeps playing and
>It worked great with Hoary.
>This is a fresh, up to date Breezy install.
>Mozilla-Mplayer came from Multiverse.
Breezy have a totem plugins for mozilla-firefox
When I try to see video, it 's now totem and no mplayer plugins who begins.
But totem-gstreamer don't have all plugins.
When I install totem-xine, all seems good.

You can see your mozilla plugins if you put about:plugins in your adress 
bar to see if your problems is mplayer.


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