Got XP Back..Now what?

Thomas Kaiser (ubuntu) ubuntu at
Thu Sep 15 16:40:20 UTC 2005

Richard Querin wrote:

> Thanks for the advice. Is there a limit on the number of partitions you 
> can put on a drive? Putting XP, /boot, /root and swap would make 4. Is 
> this ok?

4 primary partitions or

3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition
You then create logical drives in the extended partition (I don't know 
where the limit is for logical drives)

About Grub, if you like to be on the very save side to not destroy your 
Windoz boot record again, lets write grub to a floppy disk, so there 
will be no harm to any boot record on you HDs :-).

If you can boot Ubuntu from the floppy, you can install grub at a later 
time from Ubuntu, then you should write it to MBR.

Regards, Thomas


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