Excellent HW compatibility w/ 5.10

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Thu Sep 15 14:20:11 UTC 2005

On 2005-09-15, Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:
> Lionel wrote:
>> Grant Edwards wrote:
>>> In case people were getting tired of reading my whinging about
>>> fonts and how I screwed up my first install attempt, I just
>>> wanted to report that the HW detection and support in 5.10 has
>>> been excellent.
>>> So far I've found 4 hardware compatibility issues where
>>> Mandrake 10.1 fell down but 5.10 has worked flawlessly:
> ...
>>>  4) Under Mandrake, hitting ctrl-alt-backspace in X11 usually
>>>     horked the Mach64 video card and required a reboot.  No
>>>     problem in Ubuntu.
> This is probably not Ubuntu, so much as xorg (I don't know
> what Mandrake uses, but I suspect it's xfree86).


> Of course, it's a big deal that Ubuntu decided to go with
> xorg, since Debian's only just getting around to it.
>> Just wondering, is there a competition here with Mandriva?
>> Either way, shouldn't you be comparing with at least Mandriva
>> 2005LE, the equivalent to 5.10 would really be Mandriva 2006.
> I agree that 10.1 seemed a little unfair.

These were all things that had previously worked fine in 9.x,
so I thought they were valid points of comparison.  It's not
like any of the hardware in question is less than 5 years old.

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