Lightweight terminal emulator?

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Sep 15 03:00:43 UTC 2005

On 2005-09-14, Lee Braiden <lee_b at> wrote:

>> Can anybody recommend a lightweight terminal emulator?  The
>> default "gnome-terminal" is a monstrosity. I've been using
>> aterm (1/10 the size of gnome-terminal) for many years, but it
>> doesn't have UTF-8 support, so the move to supporting only
>> UTF8 locales broke aterm.
> xterm and rxvt are the two stalwarts.

rxvt doesn't support UTF-8 either.  I've never liked xterms
scrollbar, and it's pretty heavyweight by my standards.

> xterm loads like lightning.  If you=
> want unicode,

But I _don't_ want unicode. I want ISO-8859-1, but Ubuntu
doesn't support ISO-8859-1.

> uxterm is a wrapper around it to set that up.  I'm not sure i=
> f=20 it's always necessary, though.

If I choose to run with a locale using IS0-8859-1 I get
warnings from just about everything.

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