KDE on Ubuntu Hoary and related question

Lee Braiden lee_b at digitalunleashed.com
Wed Sep 14 18:29:35 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 19:20, Art Alexion wrote:
> Lee Braiden wrote:
> >ALSA *provides* /dev/dsp.  Probably, esd or artsd is using it.  Try "pkill
> >esd"?
> That worked, but now the gnome default apps have no sound.

Yes, esd is GNOME's sound daemon.  Some of the newer stuff uses GStreamer, 
which is much more flexible.  If you can't configure your GNOME apps to use 
arts or alsa (basically anything but ESD ;)  then you could run esd via 
artswrapper, which would make it work with arts.  Do try to find KDE 
equivalents for whatever GNOME apps you're trying to use, though -- often KDE 
provides equally viable if not better alternatives.

Lee Braiden
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