emacs21: can't start the X version

Alf-Ivar Holm alfh at student.matnat.uio.no
Wed Sep 14 17:41:16 UTC 2005

Giovanni Bonenti <veidt68 at interfree.it> writes:

> Package: emacs21
> [...]
> When I try the startup from X ther is an error: Undefined color:
> Then ther is no way to start the X interface
> The package is okay if started from a TTY console.

Seems to be discussed and (hopefully) solved in the forums and


Seems to be some gdm issue.  

I don't have Breezy installed, but something like this might work in
the meantime (if my assumtion of this being a problem with unmatched
strings in the X server resource database):

        xrdb -q|grep -vie 'emacs.*WINDOW_FOREGROUND'|xrdb -load

If you get another X error, try replacing WINDOW_FOREGROUND with the
offending string in the command line above and retry.

Use "man xrdb" for more info on xrdb(1) options.


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