Dual Boot Nightmare - Now XP won't boot either!

Richard Querin rfquerin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 15:14:36 UTC 2005

On 9/14/05, Bob Hentges <bob.hentges at gmail.com> wrote:
> If this is a "df" output from the moment, you need not to worry.
> Everything seems to be fine, and should by there work.

It's not a df output. I wrote this stuff down from what was displayed during 
the parititon stage of the Ubuntu installer. I am assuming it is accurate.

Now, I have never used grub with SATA discs, but I assume that it
> works just the same way as with IDE discs. Which means, that you got
> to know your "primary" drive. I am not necessarily talking of
> master/slave, but the first disc who is to be polled when booting for
> the MBR.

Interestingly, my BIOS doesn't list the IDE drive as an available item in 
the bootup sequence. It only lists the SATA HD.

I suppose that the SATA disc is the one we are searching for, as it
> runs Windows. So, I would, if I were you, boot into Ubuntu which (as
> far as I have understood) still works and edit /etc/grub/menu.lst

I can't boot into the Ubuntu I've installed onto the drive. I can only boot 
into the 5.04 live CD I burnt a month or so ago. Are the instructions you 
give still valid in that case? I'm not entirely clear on what the live CD 
can do. Does it actually let me access my HD's or does it *all* run from the 
CD? How can I make sure I'm accessing the /etc/grub/menu.lst on the hd and 
not some temporary virtual file on the live CD?

Oh, I like to have a lot of explications instead of the other way
> around, where you got to ask like several times to see the situation
> as a whole. :)

I likely won't disappoint! ;)

I also forgot to mention that I'm a real newbie at linux. So apologies in 
advance for any retarded questions that I might ask.
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