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Luis Murillo lmurillo at gmx.net
Tue Sep 13 06:06:18 UTC 2005

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Hmm, don't know if you may have heard that only Windows XP-64 runs on
64-bit, by that I mean that all the other software (like notepad, IE,
etc) run on 32-bit and all of them being from Microsoft.

James Gray wrote:
> This is a bit of an advocacy post so I'll try not to offend too many.  Linux 
> has some definite benefits over the closed source 64bit world.  Read on :)
> There's an interesting article over at ExtremeTech about 64bit computing on 
> Windows platforms.  Seems our WinXP-64 encumbered brethren are facing the 
> same issues as Linux users, but on a MUCH bigger scale.  Here's a quote from 
> the article about a Dell warning message on pre-installed WinXP-64 boxes they 
> ship:
> "Peripherals you currently own or plan to purchase in the near future 
> (cameras, printers, MP3 players, handheld devices) will most likely NOT work 
> on a system purchased with Windows XP Professional x64, and some software 
> applications may not work on the x64 operating system."

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