GeForce4 MX 440

Matt Patterson matt at
Tue Sep 13 02:57:37 UTC 2005

Try placing this in your "Device" section:

Option      "NvAGP"         "0"

That disables the use of AGP for the card. Also, my machine would not 
work with a pci card (froze regularly), I had to use an agp card.


Martin Ericsson wrote:

> Hi!
> I can't get 3D accelaration to work with my GeForce4 MX 440. I've 
> tried both the nvidia-glx package and manual installation in both 
> hoary and the preview version of breezy. In freeze trying to launch 
> glxgears or the screensaver configurator more or less freezes the 
> computer (i was able to kill the applications from a virtual console). 
> Using manually installed drivers works, but just barely, glxgears 
> sometimes shows the rotation gears, sometimes not, but at least it 
> doesn't freeze the computer.
> Martin Ericsson
> PS: Yes, I have commented out the dri module and changed the driver 
> from nv to nvidia in xorg.conf

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