Ubuntu for Small Business

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Sep 12 13:06:48 UTC 2005

Matthew Palmer wrote:

> So the problem with e-mail isn't that it is slow (which it sure as heck
> ain't), 

Mostly - my major client's Exchange server has been known to take hours to
deliver internal mail.  A colleague claims to have just received a mail
after some months - but I don't know if it was either true or, if so, the
fault of the Exchange server.  And to be OS-neutral, another client's linux
servers can take hours to deliver external mail.

> but that it lacks a reliable method of presence notification?  

The Outlook 2003 client (sorry to keep mentioning what is otherwise a POS!)
has a beautiful notification facility.  It pops up a window in the bottom
right corner that shows title and first couple of lines of message, and
buttons to delete or open the message.  If you don't respond in about 5
seconds, it fades out.  I'd love to see that in KMail (with position and
duration, configurable, of course - I don't know if they are in Outlook).

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