Problems with GnomeBaker under Breezy preview.

Neil Woolford neil at
Mon Sep 12 13:33:49 UTC 2005

I've just upgraded (Synaptic smart/dist upgrade) to Breezy preview.
It's all gone surprisingly well;  my only near showstopper is that I
can't get Nautilus or GnomeBaker to write data cd's.

The underlying Cdrecord program *is* working, as I've now installed CDR
Toaster again, and that does allow me to write a .iso image to disc.

The key difference between the console output of Cdrecord on successful
(CDR Toaster) and aborted (GnomeBaker) runs seems to be the following;

        Error trying to open /dev/hdc exclusively (Device or resource
        busy)... retrying in 1 second.
Googling got me a lot of reports of similar problems, but no apparent

It isn't a showstopper, as I can fall back on CDR Toaster for now, but
it is a bit ugly and geeky so won't really be the thing for other family
members, who have a more normal attitude to computers...

Any ideas?


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