Four Ubuntu Installations -- Telling sellers

Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Mon Sep 12 08:28:44 UTC 2005

On Sun, 11 Sep 2005, matthew wrote:

Hello Matthew

> I'm gong to jump in here and briefly note that I bought an eMachines
> desktop for my wife earlier this year and it lasted in our house for
> precisely one week.
> I could not get any version of linux, including Ubuntu, to install on
> that machine. I ended up returning it to Best Buy within the "no
> questions asked" time period

Could you make sure that the people you bought the machine off---and anyone
else you can think of (write a letter/email to your favourite computer
magazine?)---know _why_ you returned the machine;  what the problem is
(probably buggy ACPI/"buggy BIOS"), that the machine won't run Linux out of
the box because of that and that $other_manufacturer got a sale instead,
after you'd returned the eMachines PC.

Perhaps we should have a ''shame of the month'' feature somewhere!  :-)

The summer is familiar here.  Edinburgh, GB

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