Evolution IMAP account

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Sat Sep 10 13:34:19 UTC 2005

I'm having a problem with evolution on Breezy. I'm trying to set up an
IMAP account. I keep all my folders in a sub-directory on my IMAP
server, so I have ticked the option 'Override server supplied name
space' in the Receiving Options tab and entered the name of my
sub-directory. This is exactly the way I've set it up on Hoary.

Problem is that if I do that, I don't see an INBOX for my IMAP account!
I see all the folders in the sub-directory together with a Sent and
Trash folder, but no INBOX!

If I untick the option, then I see all my files in my home dir on my
IMAP server, including all the files beginning with a .!

I could use the show subscribed folders only option, but that means
going through and subscribing to every folder I havem and there are a
large number of them.

The IMAP server is running on a FreeBSD machine. Not sure what flavour
it is, but it works with Evolution on Hoary!

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