Converting Mail from Evolution for Mutt

Peter Hoffmann ph at
Fri Sep 9 23:28:33 UTC 2005

Carthik Sharma schrieb:
> On 9/9/05, Magnus Therning <magnus at> wrote:
>>Check the linkn in my first reply.
> Thanks Magnus, I had missed that link the first time around:
> So that would give me an mbox file, but how do I get the mails in it 
> filtered and filed like the rest of my incoming mail would be. I wish to 
> setup filters using procmail (recipes?) so that the mail that arrives from 
> this point on will be put in the proper folders, but with the _existing_ 
> messages exported from evolution - how do I filter those? Do I just export 
> all the messages and put them in /var/mail/username and set procmail in 
> action?

You an use formail (comes with procmail) to split the mbox and forward
the mails to procmail:

formail -s procmail <oldmail.mbox


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