tv card

Hal Rider hrubuntu at
Thu Sep 8 19:53:56 UTC 2005

am trying to get my tvcard to work but don't know how.

while trying to get my scanner working using xsane it only shows my tv 
card Lifeview FlyVideo 3000 as a scanner device so know the modules must 
be loaded to try run xawtv, but I get awholoelot of nothing black screen 
as if the tuner device isn't working.
when running scantv it fails after choosing the frequency table with:

vbi: open failed [/dev/vbi]
open /dev/vbi: no such file or directory

how do I load modules to test it. I know from a previous play with 
debian there was a command that showed all the modules built into the 
kernel in a terminal and you could select which ones to load in a menu 
style system. but have forgotten now how that was done. I know the 
tvcardworks as a trial with knoppix a few months back had it working great.
I am still a very much newbie to linux.

after this is done, it'll be trying to get my all-in-one epson stylus 
scanner/printer working. can get it to print so got that far just got to 
get it to recognise the scanner now.

I have goggled a lot but can't seem to find anything that has been helpful.
thanks for any help.


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