Changing password to a keyring

hippyjim ulist at
Mon Sep 5 21:43:12 UTC 2005

Ok, I've been having a similar problem.

Every time I log in I'm asked for the password for the keyring, as
gnome wants it to open an ftp folder I have. I must've set the password
at some point, but I haven't used any of my usual patterns - whatever I
try is rejected.

I tried keyring manager, but it can't log in to my default password. I
can't find any man pages (before someone gets snotty) for gnome-keyring
or variants on that name, so I'm really stuck.

It's making opening even the simplest file a problem now - even screem
is trying to use the keyring now, so I have to download the remote
files to my desktop to be able to use screem to edit them!

Has anyone got any ideas how I can reset the password?

Oh, and p.s. I've seen 2 other threads with people asking the same
thing in this forum, with absolutely *no*  replies!


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