kernel 2.6.13

Bob Hentges bob.hentges at
Mon Sep 5 08:00:14 UTC 2005

On 05/09/05, Vaibhav Vaidya <ampfp at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to install kernel 2.6.13 as recommended on:
> This will be my first ever time compiling/installing a
> new kernel. Also, there are the libata etc patches
> given on the above mentioned site. How do I apply
> them? What procedure to follow while updating the
> kernel? Will the Ubuntu team release synaptics
> packages for the new kernel? how soon?

There is a nice explication of what you should do at [1]. The one
thing you got to do is the following:
"patch -p0 < patch-file-name-here"

Compiling the kernel shouldn't be to diffcult either. Best would
probably be to copy the config of your momentanous kernel from /boot/
to /usr/src/linux. Than run a "make oldconfig".

Once you finished with the diverse question on your hardware, go ahead
for the compiling part. This can probably most easily be done using
the application kernelpackage application.

"make-kpkg kernel-image --initrd" should do the job just fine.

After you've done that, install the package which will be found in
your /usr/src directory, by running the command:

"sudo dpkg -i kernel-image.deb" replacing kernel-image.deb by the
actual name of the file.

I hope this helps a bit.


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