How to switch the window manager

Lee Braiden lee_b at
Sun Sep 4 17:36:11 UTC 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 18:22, Juanma Barranquero wrote:
> To tell the truth, I *did* try the KDE/KWin combo (I installed
> kubuntu-desktop for a while). Nice but... *very* unstable to me. Half
> the time, kdesu refused to give me access to the control panel items
> (it just failed, with no message; it was not an issue of me getting
> the password wrong)

Yeah, I've noticed that too.  It seems to be an ubuntu issue (probably due to 
their sudo vs. su hacks).  Debian never did that on me.

> and I had a very big problem with kbuildsycoca, 
> which ran every two/three seconds and dumped a bunch of warnings on
> .xsession-errors about some packages having declared unrecognized mime
> types.

Sorry, don't know anything about that.  Works fine for me.

Lee Braiden
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