Mac and Linux compatibility

Peter Lieverdink ubuntu at
Sun Sep 4 00:19:34 UTC 2005

Ben Novack wrote:
> On 9/3/05, Larry Grover <lgrover at> wrote:
>>Charles Yao wrote:
>>>Is mac and ubuntu compatible? Is it possible to share files and printers?
>>It's possible to share files using samba or nfs, but we don't use
>>either.  I will only use samba if I have to cater to a windows pc, and
>>we don't have one of those in the house.  In theory, OSX supports nfs,
>>but I've never been able to get nfs working well between linux and OSX
>>(I've spent hours trying -- OSX is the problem, not linux/ubuntu).
> I didn't have luck with NFS either, but Samba works fine; I can browse
> my Linux shares perfectly from my Macs, and vice-versa. Quick to set
> up, too.
> ---BHN

I use NFS between the Linux server and OSX/Linux clients. It works fine,
provided you set up user id mapping on the Linux server for the OSX
machines. Ubuntu starts with user 1000, OSX with 500.

When they all run Linux, I find a vfs-sftp mapping on the Gnome desktop
easiest. (Also for remote servers).

To easily set up NFS on OSX, give 'NFS Manager' a try. It's trialware,
but you can stop using it after 2 minutes, when the client side NFS is
set up :-)

- P.

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