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Thu Sep 1 18:29:25 UTC 2005

To get a list of partitions:
open a terminal window, do 
su -
type in your root password, then do 
fdisk /dev/hda
at the prompt type 
p <enter>
q <enter>

p should give you list of partitions on your drive. The fat32 should be listed as hda1 or hda2 or... (hdaX)
now create a mount point in your ubuntu for the fat32.
mkdir /fat32
mkdir /any_indicative_name
Then, do 
mount /dev/hdaX /any_indicative_name
this will mount your fat32 under /any_indicative_name
If you get errors in the last step, your fat32 partition might not be formatted well.

Hal Rider <hrubuntu at> wrote:
is it possible to get drive names and partitions on the drives in my 

I have just installed ubuntu, after trying hard on debian and having 
network troubles. was just too much.
I still have xp installed for now till I get a few more bits and pieces 
of hardware working but mostly it runs minta out of the box.

so basically I am booting the second drive from the bios so grub didn;t 
destroy the windows disc mbr and I can just swapthe bios booting without 
having to get inside my machine and leaves things nicely alone so I can 
just swap the discs when I do change over cleanly. On the disc with the 
ubuntu install is also a fat32 partition that I would like to mount to 
write files too to share with windows in the interim.
so basically just want the partitions name and how to mount it read/write.

cheers Haldor

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