Can I fix or replace Redhat 7 LILO using Kubuntu 5.04 CD?

Jerry Miller gamphd at
Thu Sep 1 08:25:48 UTC 2005

I was given a Kubuntu 5.04 CD as a way to restore the
LILO loader that was made obsolete by Partition Magic.
Looking at the MBR, and the fact that it uses INT 13
with AH = 2, I now realize that, despite its use of LDA,
it must be one of the LILO versions that expects the
Linux partition to be in the first 6 gig of the drive, which
explains why my C: partition was too small to install
Ghost 9.0 (which turned out to be unnecessary, because
Ghost 2003 boots and runs in DOS mode, which makes
a lot more sense!)

Anyway, without a valid LILO, I can't boot either Win2K
or RHL, and Symantec's advice to use FSISK /MBR shows
how concerned they are with my ability to get back into
my Linux installation!

If I even knew the original offset of / from C:, I could probably
hack out new MBR code, albeit very slowly, but without that
information, I don't know the offset from the start of the /
partition that contains the code to jump to once it's loaded.

Any advice that's superior to that of Symantec?  Thanks
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