SCIM and broken gksudo

Sarangan Thuraisingham sarangan.thuraisingham at
Mon Oct 31 18:47:50 UTC 2005

Hi list,
   I have already e-mailed about "p4-clockmod" not working properly. But 
no replies. I hope atleast this query of mine will be answered. Ok,this 
is the problem:

   Few days ago, I installed SCIM, as I want to input text in my native 
tongue - Tamil (a south-indian language). These are the packages I 
   * scim 1.0.2-3
   * scim-config-gconf 1.0.2-3
   * scim-config-socket 1.0.2-3
   * scim-frontend-socket 1.0.2-3
   * scim-gtk2-immodule 1.0.2-3
   * scim-m17n 1.0.2-3
   * scim-server-socket 1.0.2-3

  Since I installed, scim I cant seem to run program such as synaptic 
menu. Normally, when you choose synaptic from the menu, you get a popup( 
created by gksudo) that asks for your password. But now, I get nothing.
I tried "gksudo synaptic" from command-line and I get the following error:
   Launching a SCIM daemon with Socket FrontEnd...
   Segmentation fault

   Do any of you know how to fix this. I can run still run synaptic from 
the root console. But I would like to fix this somehow.

Thanks in advance.

  - Saru

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