Adobe Reader not WYSIWYG

Byron Poland wpoland at
Mon Oct 31 16:54:48 UTC 2005

On 10/31/05, <linuxmurah at> wrote:
> Scott,
> Evince cannot print a page. when I try to print page 44 it print all
> pages. I search in print options, there is no option to print current
> page or range of some pages.
> Guys, let me change the question. Does anybody has a problem to print
> TUX MAGAZINE March 2005 page 43? If you have, please tell me. thanks.
> > Both XPDF and Adobe reader stink. You should be using Evince (installed
> > by Default on Breezy) or KPDF on Kubuntu. Either is vastly superior to
> > Adobe Reader or XPDF. They look better too.
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I read somewhere about type1 fonts being embedded, and they weren't
set up to display in X, just print so things looked different in your
favorite viewer then on the paper.

I recently did a save to file (saved it as a .ps) from Firefox, then
ran ps2pdf on it, and took it to a kinko's to print (It was my
boarding pass for a flight).  They only got garbage, about the Vera
fonts not being available.  Oh well.  interesting experience though.

As for poppler, Xpdf, evince, acrobat... I don't know any difference
between poppler and Xpdf, I use evince because it supports other types
of docs too (I work in the land of documents scanned to tiffs). 
However both Xpdf and evince have serious bugs when it comes to
displaying and printing some pdf's.  Acrobat displays it right, but
not evince or Xpdf...

I saw this on planet.gnome a few days ago..

So as much as having Acrobat around sucks, it is still needed.

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