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Mon Oct 31 09:15:10 UTC 2005

On 10/31/2005 01:58 AM, wrote:

>dear friends,
>I have Adobe Reader installed on my HOARY and work perfectly. I love
>it rather than poor XPDF. today when I read tuxmagazine
>( using Adobe Reader I'm so impress. but when I
>try to print some pages, the trouble comes.
>The font of some text on the paper doesn't look same with text that I
>read on monitor and it looks so ugly. few letter stick together. I
>think I have problem with font not with Adobe Reader but I dont have
>any idea.
>anybody feels the same? any solutions? thanks.
>BTW, don't tell me to use Acrobat Reader on M$ Windows ;-)

Both XPDF and Adobe reader stink. You should be using Evince (installed
by Default on Breezy) or KPDF on Kubuntu. Either is vastly superior to
Adobe Reader or XPDF. They look better too.

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