ubuntu 5.10 sound problem (internet radio only)

crimsun at fungus.sh.nu crimsun at fungus.sh.nu
Mon Oct 31 01:43:42 UTC 2005

On Sun, Oct 30, 2005 at 06:30:29PM -0600, Default User wrote:
> After much experimentaion, I did indeed install beep-media-player and
> uninstall xmms. I kept streamtuner, changing the options for mp3 and
> streams to use beep-media-player instead of xmms. Everything seems to
> work fine now. BTW, a friendly suggestion to developers: dump Rhythmbox
> (virtually useless in my experience) and replace with beep-media-player.
> But please lose the hideously ugly Ubuntu brown "skin" that
> beep-media-player has by default.  

1) I chose the Ubuntu skin over the former non-free blue one because I
   modified the skin on which it is based.
2) I oppose beep-media-player being chosen by default instead of
   Rhythmbox on account of bmp being ended-of-life. Upstream is not
   supporting bmp at all but instead concentrating efforts on bmpX,
   which uses a completely new theme engine as well as being based on
   either gstreamer or xine.
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