Little but annoying bug in K3B

Miguel Ángel Vilela García miguev at
Fri Oct 28 15:41:07 UTC 2005


Thanks for great software K3B and cool distro Kubuntu :-)

I have found a little (but annoying) "bug":

When I click (in the file navigator at the right hand side) on an ISO-9660 
image file (e.g. kubuntu-install.iso) then K3B opens a new windows ready for 
burn this image to CD. That's great. But if after burned that file I click no 
*another* file (e.g. kubuntu-live.iso) then K3B opens againt the same window 
for the *same* file, not the new file.

This issue made me waste only one CD, but the problem was not detected until 
tried to boot kubuntu-live... which was not live, but install :-\

I'm using Kubuntu 5.10 preview/rc and I'm sorry for I could not test Kubuntu 

Truly yours.

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