Printer install stopped dead by "New Printer" dialogue relentlessy crashing

Scott Pettigrew scottkuma at
Sun Oct 30 16:54:45 UTC 2005

I had this happen to me - I re-installed CUPS (via synaptic) and the
problem went away.

On 10/30/05, Dave M G <martin at> wrote:
> Ubuntu Users,
>         I'm trying to install my Canon iP3100 printer, which I have installed
> before on other Linux distros, so I know it is possible with my make and
> model.
>         I found the following web site, which had nice, explicit instructions:
>         All went well until I got to step 8:
> 8. Setup Printer
> -System>Administration>Printing>New Printer
>         Whenever I open the "New Printer" window, I get a message saying that
> an error has occured, and it dies. Dies as in goes away, regardless of
> whether or not I select to "restart application" or not.
>         I don't even have time to select any options or do anything. It just
> dies the moment I open it.
>         What's up with that?
>         Any help would be much appreciated.
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> Dave M G
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