Earthlink DSL failing to see Ubuntu

Nancy Rudins nrudins at
Sun Oct 30 14:47:31 UTC 2005

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005, Tony Arnold wrote:

> I think you may have a dns problem as indicated by a previous poster.
> I'd go back to basics. From the command line try ping'ing an IP address.
> I suggest the Ubuntu web site address of, i.e., type:
> 	ping
> and see what you get. You should get a repeating line saying you are
> getting 64 bytes from this address. Use Contol-C to stop it.
> Then try the same, but using the name:
> 	ping
> You should get the same results, but if not, then you almost certainly
> have a dns problem (disconnect your dial-up while doing this!). I would
> then post the contents of /etc/resolv.conf to this list and we can take
> it from there.
> You may also want to look at the network admin tool in Gnome and see
> what it says about your dns servers.
> HTH,
> Regards,
> Tony.


I think you're riht about the dns problem.  I had a similar problem
with dns when I had Earthlink installed on my Windows partition.
I could dial in fine but had no dns.  I called their tech help
number and the man who answered didn't know what I was talking
about when I told him I could connect but couldn't get any dns
and asked him what dns server I should be using.  I gave up after
that and dialed into the University's modem pool and went to
my Earthlink web page from there.  So I guess I have nothing
to offer for help excpet maybe trying to call the Earthlink
help line and see if you get better luck than I did.

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