Patrick Drechsler patrick at
Sun Oct 30 00:21:26 UTC 2005

Michael Shaw wrote on 30 Oct 2005 01:03:14 MET:

> I just installed Breezy, and have stumbled across the lack of
> libdvdcss2 and xine or vlc support from the stock sources.  I
> tried googling but to no avail (every one I tried failed).
> Does anyone know if any sources that would have the multimedia
> packages that Ubuntu has judiciously decided to leave out?

I haven't tried them, but these were mentioned not too long ago:

| From: Scott <angrykeyboarder at>
| Subject: Re: Repository
| Message-ID: <43596164.6040601 at>
| Download these and install with "dpkg -i"



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