Breezy - (both in kubuntu&ubuntu) - inetd problem !!!

Sitki Yurekli yurekli_sitki at
Sun Oct 30 00:21:47 UTC 2005


I'm just able to install kubuntu and ubuntu (breezy badger). I don't
know why it happens (because neither of them install one of these by
default in my case) but till I install one of those inetd daemons to my
computer "there exist 3 as far as I caught them up :) ), whenever I try
to reach to archives and security repositories, system resolves the
address to itself and response from my ping requests with (  

I just want to ask whether someother daemon/server is in charge rather
then "inetd" in breezy (because I couldn't get any results by ps -a |
grep inetd). 

Moreover, why firefox is still bugging in gnome while konqueror works
fine with same configuration?

Really appreciate if anybody can advice and/or explain,


Sitki Yurekli

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