SMB peculiarity

paul marwick paulm at
Sat Oct 29 12:53:11 UTC 2005

I have Breezy installed on my laptop. I also have two desktops. All are
networked using a combined ADSL Modem/Switch/Router. I've not (yet)
installed the Samba server on Breezy, but I experimented with the
Network Servers item in the Places menu. 

Using it, I am able to connect to either of the desktops (both of which
are running OS/2 at the moment). One one machine, I can access all the
partitions which have been set up as shareable. On the other, I can
access some, but not all partitions. On two partitions, I get a login
prompt and can go no further. The domain listed is not the domain in
which the machines exist, and none of the user/password pairs work.
I've tried correcting the domain (it defaults to MSHOME, whereas the
domain for my network is IBMPEERS), but that doesn't help.

So far as I can tell, there are no differences in the way the
partitions on either of the OS/2 machines are shared, yet at least two
of those partitions will not allow me access.

Can anyone suggest a cause for this, or suggest what I can do to check
and correct the situation?



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