video decoder + hibernate query

Dave S ubuntu at
Sat Oct 29 06:46:09 UTC 2005

Hi all,

(1) How do I enable hibernate to work in breezy, Is there a howto 
anywhere because so far I have been getting nowhere :(

(2) I have some videos on my shared drive, I am sure hoary used to play 
them under kaffine. On a fresh install of Breezy on my wifes machine 
kaffine complains that it does not have a decoder & crashes. The video 
files are ...

video_ts.bup  vts_01_0.vob  vts_02_1.vob  vts_03_2.vob  vts_04_0.vob  
vts_05_1.vob  vts_07_0.bup
video_ts.ifo  vts_01_1.vob  vts_03_0.bup  vts_03_3.vob  vts_04_1.vob  
vts_06_0.bup  vts_07_0.ifo
video_ts.vob  vts_02_0.bup  vts_03_0.ifo  vts_03_4.vob  vts_05_0.bup  
vts_06_0.ifo  vts_07_0.vob
vts_01_0.bup  vts_02_0.ifo  vts_03_0.vob  vts_04_0.bup  vts_05_0.ifo  
vts_06_0.vob  vts_07_1.vob
vts_01_0.ifo  vts_02_0.vob  vts_03_1.vob  vts_04_0.ifo  vts_05_0.vob  

Kaffine only shows the .vob files and ignores the rest because it only 
shows files it has decoders for when you go into the open dialog. Any 
idea what decoder I need ?



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