web photo gallery builders in Gnome?

volume at dmartin.org volume at dmartin.org
Fri Oct 28 20:49:15 UTC 2005

> It does clear things up greatly -- my next question is, how would I go
> about setting those variables permanently -- It appears to me that the
> export command sets those temporarily for that session? Or is it
> necessary for those to be set permanently?

You are asking all the right questions.  There are a few options.  In your
home directory is a file ".profile", or you can create it if it doesn't. 
In that file, you can put the export commands (verbatim) that I provided
earlier.  This will, of course, apply only to you (not other users on the

If you want the change to be global, you can add the exports to
"/etc/profile".  I personally prefer this.  For one, it really should be
done globally because the settings aren't specific to you.  For two, I
*think* (I very well could be wrong on this) that ~/.profile is only
sourced (loaded) when you start a bash session (a terminal), and so that
setting isn't there under Gnome for instance.  The consequence is that if
you create a JALbum launcher in Gnome, it won't run because the
environment isn't set to include Sun java in the classpath.

Hopefully that's not as confusing to read as it seems...


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