web photo gallery builders in Gnome?

Timothy A. Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Fri Oct 28 17:00:18 UTC 2005

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> On the windows side of the house, I use JALBUM -- its 
> available for linux, but the installer is in a format im not 
> familiar with, it's a .bin file.  If someone could explain 
> how to install this program (Jalbums instructions are 
> worthless at best) I will install it and let you know how it works out

I installed Jalbum last week, and it's working great.  A .bin is a self
executing format, like .exe or .bat.  To run it type "./JAlbum.bin" and
will extract in the current directory.  I installed it to /opt so that
users could use it.

gThumb is fine...but I still prefer JAlbum.

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I hate to sound like more of an ID1OT than I have to, but im a bit lost

I downloaded jalbum
Copied it to /opt
Ran ./JAlbuminstall.bin
Got a message that it required a java virtual machine
Looked up (under restricted formats) how to install the JDK
Downloaded that
Installed it according to the instructions
Amazingly it appeared to install properly (if at first you do succeed
try not to look surprised) (it was my first build in UBUNTU)
Tried installing jalbum again
Getting an error that says there is no java virtual machine in my path 


Sorry for all the questions folks, this learning curve is just a lil


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