No sound from RealPlayer suddenly

Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at
Fri Oct 28 08:37:02 UTC 2005

Hi, here's odd one I can't solve:

I'm using Breezy, dist-upgraded in stages from Warty. Sound works
perfectly for every application except RealPlayer, and that only
stopped working about a week ago. The only thing I did around then was
to apt-get edubuntu-desktop (*huge* hit with my kids, btw, nice work)
and then removed edubuntu-artwork (so that I can have the normal
themes for the adults).

I can't imagine how this managed to break RealPlayer and *just*
RealPlayer, so I could be totally wrong here. All other sound events
work fine: BMP player, VLC, etc.

I've reinstalled RealPlayer (v10) from Real's Web site, tried playing
with the settings in .asoundrc (then moved it out of the way), changed
from ESD to Alsa and then back in Multimedia Settings -- all to no

Anyone have any ideas I can try? I miss my Radio 4 in the morning....


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