About to give up(again) with Linux!

Phillip Sc. Boegh psb at ipl.dtu.dk
Fri Oct 28 08:03:02 UTC 2005

Dear Michael Shergold and Wylfing.

What I hear is a person - Michael - who rearlly WANT TO be steady working
with Linux, but are frustrated. That I understand because it is not so
many years ago I was there myself. I transfered, but dual booted a LOT of
times back to windows applications untill I "broke the code" like when I -
as a kid after a struckle learned to read fluently and got sence out of
it. Michael Shergold want to tell us "Help needed".

What I hear from Wylfing is
> ...applications he "regularly" uses in Linux when he can't get Linux to
> work in the first place. The names of these mystery apps are conveniently
> left out.
But I do not believe that Michael Shergold by purpose "conveniently left
out" any names of applications.
Mr. Michael Shergold, I suggest: beside asking in newsgroups take it easy
and transfer slowly to Linux if you have not the time just now, and READ
Linux magazines - and even you do not understand ½ of it - save them for
later and read them again. THEN you really feel your progress and one day
you really see why we are a lot of people that would NEVER imagine to turn
back to M$Windows'virus world even it works out of the box for a while.

BUT - when you are tripping down your frustrations - then understand why
you cannot reinstall your applications without a struckle. You must have
forgot what you did before OR you have got too much help setting up your
system. Otherwise it is the same procedure with Breezy as it was with
Hoary - and nearly the same as with Warty for 2 years ago. Take one
application - one by one and you will feel the success - especially when
it continue to work.
What I have done is two parallel running Breezy. One I use for experiments
and one steady for my freind who has a lions patience - cannot stand ANY
fiddling around with setup. When I find a perfect installation method I
take  copy the procedure from the experimental one to the steady one. And
that also ease the downgrade when I make serious mistakes.

Have FUN experiments and a steady working using Linux

Kind regards to both of you


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