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Fri Oct 28 02:10:06 UTC 2005

Scott J. Henson wrote:

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>Mr. Knisely wrote:
>>I've got a tray loading iMac that I've loaded the PPC verion of Ubuntu
>>on. My display settings are very low, under 640x480 but the exact number
>>escapes me at the moment.
>>I've seen others have run into this issue before but I've not found the
>>solution for it. Anyone have any suggestions?
>I believe your running a radeon of some sort and your using the xorg
>radeon driver.  So, to solve your problem I would recommend enabling
>DDC.  If you type 'man radeon' at a command prompt, youll see all the
>options you can use.  The one your looking for is as follows
>      Option "DDCMode" "boolean"
>              Force to use the modes queried from the connected monitor.
>              The default is off.
>So youll want to add that to your device section of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
>Then you should be able to use the resolution capplet under
>System->Preferences->Screen Resolution to set a higher resolution.
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>Scott Henson
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Thanks for the suggestion Scott.

Per my xorg.conf file I'm using ati driver.  I tossed that line, 
guessing "boolean" meaning on or off, in my config.  No change with it 
on or off.  I tried using the radeon driver, X won't start that way.

Still looking for suggestions and scowering the internet for a fix.  Thanks!

Mike k.

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