Can I use more recent versions of applications than what is in the repositories?

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Oct 27 14:46:41 UTC 2005

Steve wrote:

> On 10/27/05, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>> It's always your option to skip the .debs and build any app from the
>> tarball.
>> --
>> derek
> Just for my clarification, I am trying to install the latest gnumeric
> on Hoary... I've downloaded the source and when I type ./configure, it
> mentions a list of packages that are not the version it requires. If I
> understand what you said, can I just write down all the packages that
> it needs, download source for them, install/upgrade them one at a
> time, and then eventually get back to installing gnumeric and it
> SHOULD work?

Yeah, it _should_ work.  Personally, I'm happier to live with slightly less
than bleeding edge software for the privilege of having somebody else work
out all the dependencies.
> I think I understand (vaguely) the concept of dependencies, but I have
> not really messed around with software other than using synaptic and
> apt-get to install packages from the repositories.
> Just a disclaimer... I do not intend to upgrade the distro to Breezy
> right now anyway (as from what I've heard, if I do the aforementioned,
> I might have some issues). I intend to install a fresh Dapper Drake
> when that is out next year... :-)

You can hardly complain that Ubuntu doesn't carry recent enough versions
when you're using an (at least) six month old release.  And I take back the
previous comment - it still _should_ work to update every package
dependency one at a time, but because you're talking about pre-breezy
stuff, there's a big libc6 upgrade in there which has a possibility to
break pretty well everything.

You'd do much better to just install Breezy.  I don't know why you'd think
that Breezy will break things but Dapper would be alright.  There's no
reason you should have any "issues" upgrading to Breezy

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