Can I use more recent versions of applications than what is in the repositories?

Marc Wiriadisastra strikeforce at
Thu Oct 27 08:44:56 UTC 2005

That is the intention of ubuntu-backports.

Although you will have to wait a little bit since dapper needs to get
established first before backports will work.

Re- bittorrent the license has changed and at the moment people are unsure
of it.  If you would look in the debian repos they are still using an old

The reason why gnucash isn't the latest is because ubuntu will freeze and
fix bugs in the packages instead of constantly updating them and risking
bringing in other bugs.

That brings you a more stable system with the 'latest' software.  There
are pro's and con's with different ways.  If you were to use debian sid
which I had done there were constant updates so it was constantly changing
and on occassions my whole system went dead but thats what you live with.


> Ubuntu Users,
> 	With at least two applications - bittorrent and gnucash - the version
> on the application's official web site is more recent than what it in
> the Universe repositories.
> 	I've attempted to install bittorrent from the deb package on the web
> page, but it doesn't work. (Ubuntu is Debian based, isn't it?)
> 	Before I go stumbling in the dark with Gnucash, as I'm doing with
> bittorrent, is there something I don't understand about Ubuntu
> compatibility with applications outside of the official repositories?
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> Dave M G
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