problems installing Ubuntu

MICHAEL WEAVER michaelweaver1 at
Thu Oct 27 02:57:03 UTC 2005

A few days ago, my father tried to install Ubuntu Horey Hedghog on my 
However we ran into a few problems.
Even though I didn't have a Modem connected because the Broadband Modem I am 
wanting to use is on my desktop, I seemed to be asked stuff about Internet 
connections during the Installation ie I had to provide certain information 
which I couldn't skip even though I had told dad to have it skip the DHCP 
setup and asked to do it manually, it seemed to want things like a name 
which has to be related to my ISP so despite not having my MODEM connected I 
still had to put in something like btinternet.
The second problem arose after dad took the CD out before rebooting the 
system halfway through uncompressing the packages on the laptop although 
this was an oversight on my part because I thought there was enough charge 
in my battery. Basically the problem I now have is that despite setting up 
my username for the computer and a password which dad thinks would change 
every Month, it keeps asking for this and going no Further like it expects 
to connect to the Internet like it is repeatedly asking for login details.
If I have an installation problem, say for example packages have not 
configured properly because of my laptop switching off halfway through, 
could dad do a re-install simply by inserting the CD and having it go 
through the whole installation again in order to remedy any problems which 
might have occured?
Also during the installation, what do I need to do if I don't have a MODEM 
to hand because it very much seems like it expects an Internet connection?
Can stuff like MODEMs be connected later because it seems to me that it 
expects to have a MODEM after you reboot?
Hope someone can give me some advice as I am a newby to Linux. 

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