Accessing NTFS volume

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On Wed, 2005-10-26 at 13:53 -0400, 'Forum Post wrote:
> What you can do is to add uid=1000(*) after defaults.
> e.g.
> /dev/hda1      /mountpoint     vfat -or- ntfs    defaults,uid=1000     
> 0       0
> (*) uid should obviously ;-) be your uid but default in Ubuntu for 1st
> user is 1000
> This will mount any vfat/ntfs as an user add you should be ok.  i had
> some probs using NTFS in RW mode (Not on Ubuntu though) Try to stick to
> Fat32 for RW support...:D 
> Hope this helps
> -- 
> lorenco

...or another possibility so any normal user can access the partition
for reading only:

/dev/hda1       /media/windoze  ntfs
rw,user,noauto,fmask=0111,dmask=0000  0       0

Should all be on one line. Of course /media/wondoze would have to be
created first (as root via sudo).

You could then mount and unmount it via Places >> Computer >> windoze


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Forgot to mention you might have to log out of Gnome and back into Gnome for it to show up in Places >> Computer >> windoze


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