Copying data from NTFS drive

Hodgins Family ehodgins at
Wed Oct 26 15:17:51 UTC 2005

Good morning!

> SO I was root the whole
> time and I transfered all the files over fine(all was music etc).  But
> now I cant use any of the music cause it all belongs to the root
> user....  Am I goign to have to manually go and rechange the permissions
> for all of this stuff, and if so how do I do it?

sudo chmod 0777 <filename> makes the file available to everyone.
sudo chmod 0777 *                makes all files in current directory 
available to everyone

Keep an eye on your "before and after progress" by running:

sudo ls -Flai|more

This will show (on the left side of the screen) that the file permissions 
have changed

>  I didnt realize this
> until I had already transfered most of the data over, so its all been
> divided into genre folders in my music so this will be a pain to sort
> through each song manually.  Any ideas?

Oh, then either cd into each genre folder and run the chmod or you will need 
to run chmod with the folder's name.


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